Merry Hell’s “Virginia Kettle and the DreamKeepers”

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This week we proudly present… Virginia Kettle.
Yes, the very same Virginia Kettle of Merry Hell fame, will be performing an Intimate Concert in the […]

Merry Hell (WILL be raised…)

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Doors: 7.10pm (ticket holders). 7.40pm (pay on the door) – Music starts 8.00pm
Concessions for members. Tickets available on club nights
If someone utters the words “folk rock at its […]

Merry Hell – SOLD OUT

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If someone utters the words “folk rock at its very best” you just know they are talking about Merry Hell.
This popular Lancashire based band […]

Merry Hell at the Hermon

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Destined to be bull-dozed, the Hermon Chapel was purchased by social worker and Oswestry Town Councillor Duncan Kerr, whose vision and sheer hard work […]

Merry Hell at the Altar with a very Grateful Fred

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Can you just imagine the telephone conversation…

“Hello, This is Grateful Fred …No not dead, FRED …Yes, we’d like to play Merry Hell in your […]