Three days ago the world of metal was hit with the news that Lemmy had died suddenly, shortly after celebrating his 70th birthday.

He had grown up here in North Wales where he reputedly acquired the nickname Lemmy because he was forever borrowing money off his friends “lemmy a fiver”.  When he ventured into the wider world, he joined a band called Hawkwind then one called Motorhead and the rest, as they say, is history. Rock history. He became the stuff of legend.

Now, I have three musical sons and as a family we seem to embrace everything from punk to modern folk. It is Isaac who most embraces the metal genre, whilst at the same time leaning toward folk rock. So it was no surprise when yesterday he turned up with his band, The Beekeepers, and asked would I help film a quick video for their laid-back acoustic cover of Ace of Spades.

We quickly cobbled together a concept for the shoot, that would be done against a projected background of a grainy black & white Motorhead video. A ropey projector was borrowed from (I can only assume) a member of the dead pixel society 🙂 , and we were good to go.

The shoot itself took just shy of an hour and then Isaac spent most of the night on the edit. The result was just what we had hoped for – a shadowy, raw, gritty and gutsy cameo that I hope is a fitting tribute to the late great Lemmy.

If you like this version by Isaac and the Beekeepers, click here to go to Bandcamp where you can buy it for a £1 donation, every penny of which will go to Cancer Research U.K.