120424-6599On this day last year…  we transformed the lovely Andi into a mermaid.

First I created the fantasy underwater scene using four different stock images: The shafts of light bursting through the surface; the bubbles, the coral and the ripples for overlaying the subject.  These were assembled in Photoshop using different blend modes and varying degrees of opacity.

The mermaid tail was provided by an artist on the Deviant Art web community and warped into the right shape using the Transform tool.

Andi was then photographed in the studio against a black background using a main light from above and a kicker either side from behind her.  It was then a matter of masking off the legs to blend the torso with the tail.

Finally a Hue Saturation layer was added and set to “colourize” to achieve the blue tint.

This was one of several fantasy scenes we used during our mermaid project.  There will be more to follow.