Mr December – Cheeky Chappies 2008


Chris Birket and all the other starts of the 2008 Cheeky Chappies Charity Calendar would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

I wonder if Chris realises he’s got a bear behind?!!.

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Mr November – Cheeky Chappies 2008


Eifion Edwards spends his time keeping other peoples body work in good shape – well their cars, at least!.  It was Eifion who first decided to raise money for the North Wales Cancer Charities – a following discussions with some of the other Cheeky Chappies, the 2008 Calendar was born.

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Mr October – Cheeky Chappies 2008


Fitness consultant Dave Evans has no fewer then eighteen black belts under his… erm.. well, Belt, I suppose!  these have been achieved in four different Marshal Arts disciplines, making him one of the most highly qualified in the country.

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Mr September – Cheeky Chappies 2008


As one of Ruthin Rugby Club’s star players, Grant Mann is never one to keep a good tackle under wraps.

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Mr August – Cheeky Chappies 2008


When Rob Wilding isn’t renovating Volkswagen campers vans, he’s wearing them! Of all the guys in the 2008 Cheeky Chappies Calendar, everyone reckons Rob’s smile is the cheekiest of them all!

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