From the Hairy Photographer’s archives. A look back to see what I was photographing on this day in history.

John Lennon Peace Memorial

110508-0003May 8th 2011 was a sunny Sunday, so we popped over to Liverpool to enjoy the beginning of summer in the City.

Unlike this year, it felt like summer really had started.  Everyone was enjoying it and there was an air of optimism.  The buskers were out in force and the most “optimistic” of these was this chap …ahem  …playing a tennis racquet in mime to the racket coming from his tinny portable CD player.   His zany antics didn’t impress the passers-by too much however, as the collecting tine stayed decidedly empty.  100% for enthusiasm though.

Up on Chavasse Park atop Liverpool One, was the John Lennon Peace Memorial.  It had been there since the previous October to celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday and I wanted to get a photograph of it before it was moved to the Kings Dock on the Liverpool Waterfront.

There were loads of other people with the same idea but by waiting around and biding my time I was able to get a shot of it in place without anyone else in shot.110508-0023


Dog in a Bluebell Wood

120505-6951Looking through the archives I was reminded that twelve months ago today the family I was photographing in the studio announced they had their little doggie in the car and would like a photo of him too.

Little Doggie, on the other hand had other ideas and decided there was no way he was going to sit still!  In the end we decided we would opt for a close-up of the little fella whilst on his owner’s knee where she could keep a firm grip.

Unfortunately the plain background was a little uninspiring.  However this same customer was also an accomplished artist and had previously asked me to photograph a watercolour for her.

120505-6951b120505-6951-2It was a painting of a bluebell wood which made a perfect backdrop for the doggie portrait. I used Photoshop’s Lens Blur filter to defocus the background which gave it a realistic yet painterly feel.  Then, rather than crop the image even closer I found a stock image of an old mossy fence to include in the foreground.  This not only hid the lady’s hand but added depth and perspective to the finished portrait.


Humped Zebra Crossing

may4thOne of the shots I took on the May Day weekend in Liverpool three years ago was of this quirky road sign down by the Albert dock.

At the time I’d felt sure I would be able to find a stock picture of some amorous zebras and sure enough this one fitted the bill nicely.

A little Photoshopery jiggery pokery and some shadow manipulation for realism, and hey presto – a photo cartoon!

Liverpool May Day

On this day in 2010…

may3rd2We were enjoying a May Day weekend in Liverpool.  The weather was great, everyone was enjoying the warm spring sunshine and it was a great opportunity for some photography.

We spent much of the time down by the Albert Dock, soaking up the atmosphere and sipping cappuccinos in some of the fashionable eateries and cafe bars.

There is so much to see and do in the dock area, one day is never enough.  And now, of course, there is the new Liverpool Museum as well as the Tate and the Beatles Museums.  Lots of characters to photograph too and the street musicians, as always, provided good photo opportunities.

may3rdMayday Mayday…
One of the shots I took was of the Yellow Duckmarine launching itself for a circuit of the dock before setting off on it’s dry land tour of the city.  Who would have guessed that less than three years later one of these amphibious tourist attractions would actually become a yellow submarine with the occupants having to be rescued before it sank to the bottom!

May Charity Calendar Shoots

The three calendars we produced over the past few years have raised over £27,000 for various charities. Here are the darling buds of May from our charity calendar shoots back in 2008, 2009 and 2010…


Mr May in 2008 was ‘Cheeky Chappie’ electrician Sion Dolben


Miss May 2009 was our local Veterinary surgeon Moyna Richey

Layout 1

May 2010 was all about a nice pair of jugs and the cat that got the cream


Australian Scotty Bins hadn’t banked on becoming Mr May during his visit in 2009

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