From the Hairy Photographer’s archives. A look back to see what I was photographing on this day in history.

Too Sexy for my Shirt

080422On this day in 2008…  I was hot hot hot.

Sorry, I’ll reword that:  It was hot hot hot  …too hot, in fact, for painting.

Jayne and I were giving the  studio’s reception area a bit of a face-lift (read the full story here) and in an attempt to get more paint on the ceiling than on myself, I bought a pair of “paper” overalls.  They are really great.  Light weight.  All-in-one.  Zip-up.  And with a hood to prevent premature ageing.

Jayne wore hers with pride – whilst worrying of course, whether her bum looked big in it.  My bum, on the other hand, spoke for itself – volumes in fact!!

I started on painting the outside.  As the day wore on, and the temperature rose, those overalls started to get a little warm.  So off came the shirt.  Then the pants.   It was only when my lovely wife fell about the pavement laughing that I realised the bloody paper overalls were see-through!


♫ I’m too sexy for my shirt… ♫

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Best Dressed Audi

audi-1On this day back in 2009 I was photographing Audi cars.  Or at least, I was photographing the tailored service protection  covers made for them by local firm Autoproducts Ltd.

Autoproducts design and manufacture the special covers which are used at service centres and dealerships to prevent damage and soiling of the cars whilst being worked on by mechanics.

autoprodThe photographs, which are used in Autoproducts’ brochures and website, have to show the exterior and interior covers in use.

The covers are always made in the corporate colours of the particular marque and because they are often black PVC or nylon it can lead to quite challenging lighting problems.  Luckily on this occasion we were able to take the photographs outdoor and take advantage  of the natural light.

audi-2Another challenge on these shoots comes in post-production.  Because the covers are often prototypes, the logos and brand names have to be added later.  Thank goodness for Photoshop!

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Nathan Sandbrook

090418-2On this day back in 2009

…we did some studio shots of local musician Nathan Sandbrook.  Then eighteen, Nathan was playing in a rock band and his musical influences (and choice of guitar) came mainly from Zakk Wylde.

Since then Nathan studied for a Btech National Diploma in Music Technology at Wrexham, followed by a BSC Honours In Studio Recording And Performance Technology.

Currently he is a Guitar Teacher at The Rock Project in Denbigh.


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A Spring Day in Liverpool


Lunchtime in Concert Square

Spring was most definitely in the air on this day in 2010. The lunchtime diners were doing it al-fresco in Liverpool’s Concert Square, under this tree covered in blossom.

The rest of the city was bright, colourful and bursting with springtime too…

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Two Portrait Shoots

Liah-WilliamsOn this day in 2010…

…we did two portrait shoots in the studio.

The first was a set of stylised headshots for Leah Williams (left) and in the afternoon Molly Griffiths was in for some new shots to update her portfolio.

Molly wanted some nice natural shots for her model agent, Tuesday’s Child.


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