From the Hairy Photographer’s archives. A look back to see what I was photographing on this day in history.

Photographing Crafts

Photographs taken for Lavinia Stamps crafts website

On this day in 2006

…I had just finished building a website for the lovely people at Lavinia Stamps.

Kevin and Tracey design and make rubber stamps for crafts enthusiasts and card-makers.  They are not strictly rubber stamps but are made from clear polymer resin and mounted on clear acrylic stamping blocks, so the person using them can clearly see through to exactly where they are stamping, giving them full creative control.

As well as designing the website I took a series of photographs showing how the stamps are used.  Some of these are still on the website even though the site has recently undergone a major face-lift.  We have completely redesigned it and added a “Challenge Blog” upon which Keving and Tracey are running competitions and have a gallery for their crafts customers to show off the work they have created using the stamps.

Despite the recession, their crafts business has gone from strength to strength.

You can check out their website here

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A 2011 Portfolio Shoot

Sara Lewis portfolio shoot

On this day in 2011

…we were doing a portfolio shoot in the studio – and the young lady in question was Sara who also happened to be my second cousin!

Sara had a whole range of shots in both colour and black and white.

The effect for his shot was created by increasing the contrast and dropping the saturation, giving a porcelain look to the skin tones.

If you’d like Jayne & Chris Birchall to shoot your portfolio, give us a ring on 01824 704844

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On this day in 2008

A family portrait shoot in the studio.
This was one of the framed montages of two brothers.080404

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This day in 2008

…was a nice day so we spent it in the garden potting out our new planters.drum-1

...and when you own a Hotpoint tumble drier you are never short of planters!drum-2

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On this day in 2009

Not sure if this chap was say shouting "Up the Revolution" or "Up yours, I'll smash your camera". I didn't stick around to find out!


Jayne and I had a day out in Liverpool on this day in 2009 and I went off to the Ropeworks to do some street photography whilst Jayne plunged the depths of darkest Primark.

One of my favourite streets is Bold Street. There is always lots going on and plenty of characters.

Not sure if this chap was say shouting “Up the Revolution” or “Up yours, I’ll smash your camera”. I didn’t feel I wanted to stick around to find out!


Liverpool is famous for its street art.

…some of which is illuminated at night.

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