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20th Century Toys


Looking back through the archives… 

I found myself reflecting upon how we used to produce photographs back in the days T-Rex were banging out their hits. In 1977 it was all about groping around in the dark, breathing in noxious fumes, checking timings to the second and temperatures to the degree Fahrenheit.

Never mind T-Rex – since the advent of digital photography,the wet darkroom has become something of a dinosaur itself!

Back then, whilst montages were possible, they were a nightmare to do and consequently very expensive for the customer.

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Mermaid on the rocks

120427-6815This time last year we were right into swing of our mermaid project with lots of would-be mermaids turning up at the studio following a promotion on Groupon.

One of the most popular settings is this wave breaking over the rocks shot.  The background was made using several stock images onto which we merged the subject, who had been photographed against a “green screen” background.


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National Fujifilm Distinctions Awards


This day in 2004 we created this touching portrait of a father and baby which went on to win a Merit Award in the 2005 UK FUJI DISTINCTIONS AWARDS, announced at the annual “Focus on Imaging” trade event held in the NEC Birmingham.

We entered  in this prestigious event on three occasions before they changed the rules to allow film only (no digital images) and twice featured as finalists.

Having also won several quarterly heats in the Kodak Wedding and Portrait Awards, in 2002 we won the title Kodak Open UK Portrait Photographer of the Year.


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Blue mermaid

120424-6599On this day last year…  we transformed the lovely Andi into a mermaid.

First I created the fantasy underwater scene using four different stock images: The shafts of light bursting through the surface; the bubbles, the coral and the ripples for overlaying the subject.  These were assembled in Photoshop using different blend modes and varying degrees of opacity.

The mermaid tail was provided by an artist on the Deviant Art web community and warped into the right shape using the Transform tool.

Andi was then photographed in the studio against a black background using a main light from above and a kicker either side from behind her.  It was then a matter of masking off the legs to blend the torso with the tail.

Finally a Hue Saturation layer was added and set to “colourize” to achieve the blue tint.

This was one of several fantasy scenes we used during our mermaid project.  There will be more to follow.

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A Spring Day in Liverpool


Lunchtime in Concert Square

Spring was most definitely in the air on this day in 2010. The lunchtime diners were doing it al-fresco in Liverpool’s Concert Square, under this tree covered in blossom.

The rest of the city was bright, colourful and bursting with springtime too…

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