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The Cello. Not quite as boring as you thought

The Cello is such a boring instrument. Hardly Rock ‘n Roll is it…?
Right…?  WRONG…
Just watch these two guys play the most epic cover of AC/DC’s rock classic ‘Thunderstruck’ with 2cellos

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Did you get my best side?

More stuff and nonsense found lurking around the interweb…

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Russian TV Show

If you think our television shows are a bad influence on the children, just look what Russia has to offer…


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Holey Guitars

I blame the parents…

At least, I blame Pete Townsend’s parents.

Phil Bates

Phil Bates’s guitar when he played at Ruthin AllStyles

Let me clarify:  Back in September 1964, The Who’s lead guitarist smashed his Rickenbacker guitar in a fit of rage on stage at London’s Railway Hotel, and the act has since been heralded as one of the “50 Moments That Changed the History of Rock & Roll”.  Since then many rock bands have followed the trend.

Back in the more sedate world of Folk and Acoustic however, we tend to treat our instruments with a little more reverence. Some actually taking things to the opposite extreme.  I once saw a guitarist take a soft cloth to the varnished surface of his precious Gibson mere seconds after the person admiring it had handed it back.  Maybe he thought the fingerprint would affect the resonance!

Earlier this year, ex ELO2 guitarist Phil Bates visited our local Acoustic Club and performed a fantastic set on an old box every bit as battered as Willie Nelson’s famous Martin N-20 “Trigger”. Irish singer/songwriter Glen Hansard has also jumped on the holey guitar bandwagon, nurturing his well-worn Takamine, “The Horse”.  Tudor-Pole and many others have followed suit too.  Having a well worn guitar with splintered holes in your soundboard is obviously becoming something of a trend.

Tudor-Pole. Picture by Olivia Broome


Glen Hansard courtesy of Six String Survivors

Glen Hansard

Willie Nelson Photo by Peter Ackerman

Willie Nelson

Yet I can’t help wondering how many of these holey guitars really are the result of wear and tear from years of over enthusiastic string bashing, or whether these holes have been, ahem, “helped” along the way!

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Shamed by your English?

English1I was having a nostalgic look through a collection of adverts from the 60’s and 70’s, when I came across this one.  At first I thought, “Wow!  Maybe they should run this course again for people who have either never learned, or forgotten, the proper use of English”.

After all, I’m surely I’m not alone in despising the way so many people have lapsed into using “text talk” for the likes of Facebook is such a way it is becoming normalised.  At this rate Pidgin English could become the accepted universal language in the not too distant future.  Just look how the language has deteriorated and become less colourful and less illustrative in the relatively short time since the Shakespearian era

When I looked a bit closer at this advert I discovered that it was in fact a comic book parody of a real advert from the 1960s.   Full versions of the original and the comic book version are shown below:


1963 Published by Image Comics. Copyright is attributed to Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, Rick Veitch with further copyrights for Dave Gibbons, John Totleben, Chester Brown, Don Simpson and Jim Valentino and is used here for historical and review purposes.

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