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A byte out of the Apple

As I don’t personally use Apple products I can’t conduct a review of the new iOS7 operating system.  So me and my Samsung Gallaxy Note will sit back and leave it to the technology press…

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David Frost interviews John Lennon

Sir David: “What do you want to do next?”
John: “Make peace and sell it. Whatever we do will be for peace from now on”

Sad day today, with Sir David Frost passing away last night.  This fabulous interview with John Lennon and Yoko from 1969 is well worth another airing – for all sorts of reasons.

I wonder if any of those people in the actually planted one of the acorns John tossed into the audience?
Part 1.

Part 2.

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Twerk and Twerking enter the Oxford English Dictionary

So in future…
when a Yorkshireman or woman says they are “off to work” in a broad regional accent, they’d better make sure they are not misunderstood -and it’s all down to Miley Cyrus and her raunchy video!

Believe it or not Twerk and Twerking are amongst the most recent words to make it into that revered publication The Oxford English Dictionary.

It means that you can now use it as a point-scoring word in Scrabble, providing,  of course, you wiggle your nether regions as you place the pieces on the board!

As a helpful guide to our northern friends I have put together the comparison sheet above to avoid any confusion.

The raunchy dance video that started it all…

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E.T. potato head


When E.T. phoned home and took off in that flying saucer, he never made it back home. He always said next time he would like to come back as a potato – and I’m delighted to report he has done just that!

Although I must say he doesn’t look too happy about having been disturbed at his new home in our back garden.  Or perhaps it’s because this hot weather has left him a little dehydrated!


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Kylie and Cave. The most unlikely duet of all time

CaveandKylieI make no secret of the fact I actually love the beautiful Kylie.  She is one of the most photogenic women alive. Nick Cave on the other hand, must rank amongst the ugliest of blokes …and I actually hate him even more after watching this!  😉

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