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Waiting for Gateaux

150428-5797When it comes to fitness the Mo-tivators gym is the worst gym in the world …but the best place for belly laughs!

And there are laughs aplenty in this comedy at the charming little Epstein Theatre on Liverpool’s Hanover Street. Written by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood, the play is set in a health and fitness club where everyone seems to have a healthy appetite and the fitness routines include running out for pizzas and lifting really heavy chunks of cake!

150428-5788The only person actually losing weight is Donald (Andy Ford) who is shaping up to make a move on gym owner Maureen, played by Pauline Daniels, who also directed the show.

There are several mini storylines woven into the script. Jackie, played by Lynne Francis, is eating her way through a failed marriage whilst trying to keep her goth sister Whitney on the straight and narrow.  Emma Lisi plays the part so well, it’s hard to believe she doesn’t actually live the life of a goth outside the theatre!

150428-5813Lynne Francis and Pauline Daniels, both seasoned comedy actresses with a string of theatre, film and TV credits to their names, keep the fun, frolics and fabulous one-liners flowing throughout the play.  As does Andy Ford whose 30 years of stand-up made him the perfect choice for the part of Donald. He reminded me of a cross between Jim Davidson and Alan Carr, but without the Concord teeth, as he minced around the stage.

150428-5803The villain of the plot was the scheming Sophie – a reality TV show researcher with a hidden agenda. This “posh totty” character was cleverly portrayed by the beautiful Suzanne Collins who has trodden the boards in Liverpool and far beyond since her acting debut as Nikki Shadwick in Ch4’s Brookside. During this time she’s totted up an impressive list of film parts too.

This was a fun play that proves you can have your cake and eat it too. The talented cast kept the slapstick and humour flowing seamlessly with lashings of fun and frolics.

Waiting for Gateaux is on at The Epstein Theatre until Saturday May 2nd.

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Tabloid deception

waterstory5Sure, drinking water is good for you. But this is just tabloid crap.

The “before” picture has been taken with a single light placed above the lady’s head. Note the shadow under the nose and the lack of catchlights in the eyes.

This type of lighting will emphasise bags under the eyes and skin blemishes.

The “after” picture has been taken using two frontal diffused lights. You can clearly see the catchlights (reflections of the light source) in the eyes. One, a round light, probably using an umbrella reflector was to the left of the camera slightly above head height and the other, a large rectangular ‘soft box’ was placed at eye level very close the the camera axis.

waterstory2These produce practically shadowless lighting which will minimise or even eliminate the shadows cast by eye bags etc and give a smoother texture to the skin.

I’m not saying they were, but it would have easily been possible to have taken both these photographs on the same day.

The lady in question has said she undertook the month-long experiment after speaking to a neurologist and nutritionist because she was suffering headaches and poor digestion. So why would she take herself off to a photographic studio to have a “before” picture taken?

waterstory3And then, we are expected to believe, she went back a month later wearing the same blouse and the same earrings and her hair in the same style and with the intervening month’s growth cut off to have the “miraculous” transformation recorded for posterity?

Do the Daily Mirror think we are all thick or something?

Worse still they have done a sloppy job of the deception. Both pictures have exactly the same perspective and image size. ie: Same camera to subject distance and same focal length lens.

It looks every bit as if the camera was set on a tripod, the first picture taken and the photographer changed the lighting whilst the lady combed her hair and had some concealer and foundation applied before sitting back in the same position.

My guess is, the “after” picture have also been retouched because the lady’s water intake has even caused some extra eyelashes to grow!

Basically, it’s a load of old tosh designed to make gullible people buy their tabloid rag.

It reinforces my belief that the only thing you can believe in the tabloids is the date – and they even get that wrong sometimes!waterstory4

See the original story here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/woman-who-started-drinking-three-4791113

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Paul Weller Flashback Friday

It’s Flashback Friday today on Paul Weller’s Twitter Page.

He, or more likely his minions, have obviously been trawling the web and come across this picture I took back in November 1979 of my then 13 year old son Neil getting Paul’s autograph after the gig  I’d been covering for the press.

Neil recalls the gig on his website, Link2Wales.co.uk

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How to organise wedding groups

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The Red Wine Ice Bucket Challenge

Everybody knows that red wine should be drunk at room temperature.

So. It seems I’ve been nominated by several of my Facebook friends for this Ice Bucket Challenge thingy.

Well instead of sitting outside in the cold and have iced water poured over me, I’m bravely making a much greater sacrifice:  I’m going to drink my Shiraz at several degrees less than room temperature – straight from the ice bucket!

My donations from the will be going to the research project Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, and hopefully the donations of those who I nominated too!  Any donation, however small, will make a big difference.


Thank you


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