Take four blokes whose aim in life is to lose themselves in the depths of B&Q’s Garden Department when there’s work to be done, plonk them on the side of a Welsh mountain as the mists descend, and what happens?

There are no prizes for guessing that they will get well and truly lost.

In common with just about everyone else whose schooldays were spent on Merseyside, Barry, Stan, Brian and Big H had fond memories of their childhood adventures at Colomendy, the outward bound and field studies centre over the Welsh border in Loggerheads.

Having taken up ancillary employment at B&Q during their retirement, the infamous four have been sent there for a weekend of camaraderie, fellowship and synergy by their new boss, Jane, in the hope of improving productivity.

But far from team-building, the exercise exposes the cracks in their relationships.

The wrong map, a dodgy compass and a heavy mist all conspire to thwart their ascent to the summit. Not to mention the green-eyed monster that raises its ugly head when team-leader Jane has hers turned by the attentions of one of the group.

All this is the perfect recipe for a Royal Court comedy of epic proportions.

Written by Nicky Allt, Lost in Colomendy is a play with the flavour of a traditional bedroom farce – except that the ‘bedroom’ is a scruffy dormitory which, courtesy of the theatre’s recently restored revolving stage, alternates seamlessly with the B&Q Garden Department and the heather-laden slopes of Moel Famau.

The play is fast-moving, with a gag a minute, and more slapstick than you can slap a stick at. And the ease with which the cast of five bounce off one another, you just know there are going to be lots of ad-libs and off-script moments as it gets deeper into its four-week run.

This is particularly true of Alan Stocks and Paul Duckworth who have a long history of sharing the Royal Court stage.

Paul’s monumental meltdown on the mountain path is a magical moment, with his contorted face and Marty Feldman eyes that look fit to explode from their sockets.

Once again the Royal Court team have produced an absolute belter of a comedy from a brand new script.  Lost in Colomendy runs until the 29th of February, so do your chuckle muscles a favour and get your tickets booked.