Whilst everyone else was flocking to watch the recently released movie “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”, the more discerning amongst us were making our way to Liverpool’s Royal Court Theatre to take in the fabulous stage play that is “Mam! I’m ‘Ere!”.

It may sound the same as the movie title but it has more colour, more fun, more laughs, more music and even more punctuation!!

The show has more than it’s Cher of talented actors, actresses, dancers and singers, so you are guaranteed to ABBA great time.

And with the summer we’ve been having, who needs the Greek island of Skopelos anyway, especially as the play is set on a caravan site in the Costa del North Wales.

Best Comedy Traditions
The sound-alike title is where the similarities end however, because “Mam! I’m ‘Ere!” is a stage musical in the best of Royal Court comedy traditions.

Written and directed by Stephen Fletcher, it tells the tale of Sally (played by Hayley Sheen) who, as a newborn, had been found abandoned on her father’s doorstep. She hatches a plan to discover the identity of her mother, by luring the three most likely, unsuspecting, candidates to her dad’s caravan park on the pretence of having won a free holiday.

It is the eve of her wedding to Si (played by Michael Fletcher) and she is certain that the truth will out when the three come face to face with her father Dave.

Dave is played by the comedy genius Andrew Schofield at his best – and teamed up as he was, with the brilliant Jake Abraham and Stephen Fletcher, was enough to guarantee comedy of the highest order.

One of my favourite scenes was when the three, dressed in the best of BeeGee tradition, demonstrated just how those high falsetto notes where achieved!

In fact, we were treated to some superb singing by the entire cast, and in particular from Hayley Sheen and Lindzi Germain, with music provided by the four-piece on-stage band. Then we had the brilliant comedy acting skills of Eithne Browne and Lynn Francis all conspiring to make this play the success it is.

The set was brilliant, much of it painted by cast member Michael Fletcher.

A special mention must go to the two Disco Divas, Mia Molloy and Rachael Wood, who sang and gyrated throughout. I swear they never stood still for a second.

“Mam! I’m ‘Ere!” is a fun, uplifting show that will have your feet tapping, and leave you with a dozen wonderful earworms to remind you of those disco days and boogie nights.

✪✪✪✪✪ FIVE STARS from the HairyPhotographer

It runs until the 11th of August. Don’t miss it!