Merry Hell Rocking Conwy Folk Club

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Feeling down, depressed, under the weather?  Forget the potions and pills…  If you’ve got the Monday morning blues, let Dr Hairy prescribe a dose […]

Loving the Skin you’re in – the Merry Hell Spring Tour

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Fans of the Wigan folk rock band Merry Hell will be delighted to learn that they have lined-up a nine date Spring tour to […]

Merry Hell at Conwy Folk Club

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According to the saying… “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”   Well let me add another to that maxim – “the certainty of a hellishly good night out when the sound of Merry Hell is ringing in your ears!”

Take three Wigan-born brothers name of Kettle, a guitar, a mandolin and a wife named Virginia;  season this recipe with the occasional bassist, keyboard player and drummer, stir and simmer in the cauldron that is the music business, and what do you get…?  The most delicious serving of folk rock, that’s what!

Although ostensibly a seven piece band, Merry Hell have a trimmed down acoustic contingent that play the smaller “folk club” type of venue, comprising John, Andrew and Bob Kettle and John’s wife Virginia.  At Conwy Folk Club last night, they were joined by their bassist Andrew Dawson.

With an ever growing catalogue of their own material, they have a rocky style that is foot-tappingly uplifting with story-telling lyrics set to catchy melodies that get everybody singing along – even Merry Hell virgins!  Their collective song-writing is superb with evocative titles like “Criminals in Pin-stripped Suits”, “Drunken Seranade in the Rain” and “Blink… and you miss it”.  One of my personal favourites “The Butcher and the Vegan” was missing off last night’s set list, although this was more than compensated for by a sampling of some tracks off their forthcoming second album ‘Head Full of Magic, Shoes Full of Rain’ […]

Merry Hell @ Ruthin AllStyles Music Club

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They came. They braved the bad weather  –  and they raised Merry Hell!

It was folk rock at its very best.  This Lancashire based band […]

The Lighting was Hell, the band were Merry

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Listen while you read
It’s no secret that one of my favourite folk rock bands in the Wigan based Merry Hell.

They are lively, uplifting, and […]