Miss April

You’ll no doubt be aware of the fact there has been a lot on Facebook recently about taking “no make-up selfies” to raise awareness for Cancer research.

That’s all very well – but I wonder how many people have actually donated to a cancer research charity whilst posting up their bare-faced selfies on the social networking site?  Seriously, if everyone who did it also donated just one pound, you would truly be harnessing the power of Facebook for a good cause.  To be fair, I noticed one person actually put up a screen shot of herself donating  on-line instead of doing a “selfie” and that’s great! Sadly, I reckon the majority just got involved with the fun side of things and were satisfied with the ego trip from the accumulated “Likes” and the enjoyment of nominating the friends to do the same.

Right then.  So here is the Real Deal…

aprilJayne and I have thus far shot four naked charity calendars.  Two of these were in aid of cancer charities and the total amount raised was just short of £30,000.

We already have one planned for 2015 with a group of ladies eager to raise cash for cancer charities in honour of friends and family they have lost to this terrible disease.  But what the heck…  We are up for shooting another one too!

If you want to get involved, you’ll need to find twelve or more enthusiastic people willing to bare all (or even just a bit!) for a good cause.  You will also need to be prepared to organise the promoting and selling of the calendars.

If you can convince us that you are determined to raise heaps of money, we will give our services free of charge.  And to heck with “no make-up” thing, Jayne will give each person a makeover and we will photograph you tastefully, sympathetically and artistically.

Follow the links on this page to view some of our previous calendars – all posed by brave and dedicated local people.  We even have a dedicated website:  CharityCalendar.co.uk

And if you are serious about making a difference…  get in touch with us via email, phone or over Facebook to arrange an inital meeting to explore the possibilities.