Sharon Stone, 57, as she appeared in Harpers Bazaar. Photo by Mark Abrahams

At the BeautyPhoto Studio, we have photographed many beautiful women over the years and not all of them in the first flush of youthful adulthood.

We have also photographed women for a number of Naked Charity Calendars, their ages ranging from 18 to 85.

Brave, confident women.  Doing what they did to raise money for charity (over £40K in the past five years).

Therefore I find it sad that some people are saying of Sharon Stone: “Tut tut… At her age…”

I say – So What!

She has a beautiful body, regardless of her age, and between her and photographer Mark Abrahams they have produced some beautiful monochrome art.

But more that – they have said: be bold, be brave and be proud.

Some of the ladies on our calendars, and many of those who have had lovely boudoir photographs shot at our studio, would not pretend they have bodies as slim and as pert as Sharon Stone’s.  But they have been proud of their bodies. And they have been empowered by the likes of Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and the countless other celebrity “ladies of a certain age” who have posed naked proudly and tastefully.

They are creating tasteful art that transcends the common porn that pervades the internet masquerading as titillation.

Good on ya, Sharon.

You can read all about Sharon Stone’s nude photo shoot at Harper’s Bazaar now.