A True Story

Dring Dring, Dring Dring, Dring Dring…   “Hello.  Border Frames.  John speaking how may I help you.”

Me: “Hello.  Chris Birchall here from Sunny North Wales.  Just chasing up an order I placed a few days ago.”

Border Frames: “Let me see…  Aye, it was dispatched yesterday on the 2-3 day service.  If it doesn-ah turrn up tomorrow, it’ll most likely be after the Easter weekend.  Hang on, I’ll just go on the City Link Tracking Site and see were it is.”

Me:  “Isn’t technology wonderful.  I suppose you’re going to tell me it’s in a white van on the middle carriageway of the M6 heading south, as we speak!?”

Border Frames:  “Och No.  The technology’s good – but it’s not that good.  It just says it left the local depot this morning.   But och aye – mebee one day we’ll be able to say it’s in a white van just pulling up outside your shop!”

Me: (laughing)   “That’ll be the day.  Hey thanks anyway.  Got to go.  Sound’s like I’ve got a customer.”

Hanging up, I go through to the shop…    Parked outside is a white van…    My bottom jaw remained at floor level as I signed for the parcel – and the hairs on the back of my neck are still standing on end!!