Quirky Quotes & Amusing Tales

The things people say Things people say, intentionally or not, can often raise a smile – especially when take out of context.These are a few quotes which tickled our sense of humor.If you have any “quirky quotes” or amusing tales to tell, why not use our Contact Page to share them with us here.

Flying Dogs a specialty

They say never work with animals and children.  Portrait photographers, however, encounter both these species on a regular basis.

Whilst taking a child’s portrait at his North Wales studio, a photographer friend of mine heard a pitter patter on the ceiling. He concluded that his faithful mutt had found its way into the roof space via an open cupboard in the attic office. 

Turning briefly to the youngster’s parents, he heard a crash from behind him followed by those immortal words “Doggy has fallen out of the sky!”   

The crazy canine had stood on the trap door which promptly sprung open, ejecting the surprised pooch from the darkness into the brightly lit camera room below!

Happily, the dog survived with a wagging tail, and the child was left with an interesting tale to tell at play school – all about the doggy who dropped in on his portrait session!

“Quirky Quotes”


“I never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls I liked.”  David Bailey



As fashion icon David Bailey arrived at a dinner party, the hostess blurted out: “I love your photos – you must have a really good camera!”

At the end of the evening, the cockney snapper returned the ‘compliment’  “I loved the meal – you must have a really good set of pans” 
(With thanks to Mike Williams)



“When I die I want to go to Vogue.”  David Bailey



“Most things in life end up being a moment’s pleasure followed by a lifetime of embarrassment. A portrait, on the other hand, is a moment’s embarrassment followed by a lifetime of pleasure”
(Enoch Powell)



A recent television advert for the ‘Pru’ insurance company featured a poem which ended:

“If you should find my house on fire, never mind the silver – save my photographs”


I’d like to be able to be the person my cats think I am.

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